Biohacker Liquid Bundle

Hack your health with this beautiful bio-hack bundle! (normally €96,15)

1 piece
Price € 69.95

Discover our Biohacker Bundle: a magnificent combination of liquid mushroom extracts, meticulously crafted to enhance your well-being. This exclusive bundle includes liquid extracts (30ml) of Lion's Mane, Cordyceps, and Turkey Tail Mushroom and a cacao heart, expertly curated by our team of mushroom enthusiasts, all at an discounted price.

Step into the realm of biohacking and gain an edge in vitality and mental clarity. Our Foodsporen Lion's Mane extract is renowned for its ability to keep the mind sharp, while Foodsporen Cordyceps extract is esteemed for its stimulating effects on energy levels. Foodsporen Turkey Tail extract, with its versatile properties, contributes to promoting a balanced sense of well-being.

This bundle has been thoughtfully assembled to inspire you to unlock your full potential in a natural and holistic way. So, forge ahead, embrace the possibilities of biohacking, and experience what these liquid mushroom essences can offer you. Enrich your life journey with our Biohacker Bundle and unveil a new dimension of well-being in your very own unique way.


  • Article number 070
  • VAT Including VAT
  • Category liquid extracts
  • Suitable for Volwassenen
  • Amount per dose 10 drops
  • absorption time 10 minutes

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