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Frequently asked questions

Can't find your question here? You can also directly contact us!

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What is the difference between the capsules and the tinctures of Foodsporen?

The difference between capsules and tinctures is mainly in the method of ingestion. A different production process that results in a different product.
The powder extracts in the capsules are actually spray-dried tincture. The tincture contains a minimum amount of alcohol so that its shelf life is guaranteed. 
Some people like to swallow a capsule, other people prefer to drip the tincture through their tea or directly into the mouth. In addition, the amount of intake with the tinctures is easier to adjust per person because you can determine how many drops you take.

Our slogan, 'Your daily dose of natural power' was not chosen randomly - there is a well-thought-out reason behind it. We have conducted extensive research into the optimal dosage, and we have adjusted our recommended daily amount accordingly. If you stick to this recommended dosage, you can be sure you're getting it just right!

What is the recommended daily amount of your products?

When it comes to the recommended daily intake of our products, we are happy to share our guidelines with you. For our capsules, we recommend taking 1-2 capsules daily. If you prefer to use the tinctures – which come in liquid form – we also recommend a daily intake of 1-2 times. With the tinctures you can administer 10 drops at a time.

These recommended dosages have been carefully determined to ensure that you experience the optimal benefits of our products. Your well-being is central, and we want to make sure you can take your 'daily dose of natural power' with confidence!

Which products are best to consume at what time?

If you want to realise the full potential of the invigorating power these unique mushrooms provide, consistency is more important than the precise timing of intake. By being faithful to your daily dosage, you keep the nutrient levels in your blood at optimal levels, allowing the beneficial alkaloids in the mushrooms to do their best work.

So when making a choice about when to take it, it's reassuring to know that regular use is key to experiencing the maximum benefits. This way you can face every day full of energy and balance, thanks to the harmonious synergy between you and these extraordinary mushrooms.

How do I deal with a defective or clogged pipette in my Foodsporen product?

If you notice that the pipette is not functioning properly, this may be due to a blockage. Our products are rich in valuable polysaccharides, the essential substances that it's all about. These complex sugars can sometimes have a tendency to clump together, which can lead to blockages in the pipette.

If this occurs, we recommend trying a simple solution. Boil some water and immerse the glass part of the pipette in the boiled water. Then gently squeeze the pipette a few times. This will often solve the problem.
If there are any unexpected complications with your product, please do not hesitate to send an email to . We would like to reassure you that we always strive to find a suitable solution for any problem you experience.

Is it necessary to keep the products in the refrigerator?

Foodsporen products can handle varying temperatures with ease. It is therefore not necessary to store our products in the refrigerator. However, we would like to give some advice: Our products are packaged in high-quality MIRON violet glass. Our packaging has been developed for optimal protection of nutritional supplements. We recommend keeping the products out of direct sunlight. This way we can guarantee the highest quality of our products.

It's reassuring to know that you can store the products at normal room temperature without worrying about temperature fluctuations. Your comfort and the preservation of our high-quality products are our top priority.

Is it possible to add Foodsporen products to hot dishes and drinks?

Absolutely! At Foodspoor we encourage adding our products to both hot dishes and drinks. The good news is that the nutrients in our products are retained, so you get the best of both worlds! For example, in the morning we like to mix our extracts in with tea or coffee. The tinctures (liquids) can also serve as a tasty addition to hot dishes.

We are real advocates of experimenting with our products in different culinary creations. So, if you have a delicious dish to which you add our products, we would love to see it! Feel free to tag us on Instagram: @foodsporen_official 

Is it possible to experience an overdose due to excessive use of Foodsporen products?

For an optimal experience, we recommend that you stick to the recommended daily amount of our products. We have carefully determined what an appropriate dosage is to reap the benefits in a balanced way.

If you are considering using these nutritional supplements to treat specific conditions or health problems, we strongly recommend that you always do so under the guidance of your doctor or a recognized health specialist. This way you can be assured of safe and effective use, tailored to your individual needs.

Your health and well-being are important to us, and we want to ensure that you can use our products responsibly and effectively.

Can I receive personal advice for physical complaints?

When it comes to sound medical advice, it is always advisable to consult a qualified health professional. These professionals can give you the most appropriate advice based on your personal situation.

It is important to emphasise that as a company we cannot provide personalised medical advice. Our role is to provide high quality products and information, but we are not authorised to provide individual advice on functional matters.

When it comes to the use of functional mushrooms in combination with regular care, we would like to direct you to Peter van Ineveld. He has considerable experience in using functional mushrooms and is known for his integrative approach. You can explore his insights and expertise on his website: .

We are committed to your well-being and safety, and therefore we recommend that you always consult the expertise of professionals for advice in case of health complaints.

Do Cordyceps and Lion's Mane have a cortisol-raising effect, given their stimulating properties?

The effect of Cordyceps and Lion's Mane is unique and varies in terms of energy boost and activation. It is important to note that these mushrooms have no direct influence on cortisol levels.

Cordyceps and Lion's Mane both provide energy in different ways. Cordyceps is known for its potential to improve physical performance and endurance, allowing the body to be more physically active. On the other hand, Lion's Mane is known to support cognitive function, encouraging mental alertness and focus.

Despite their stimulating properties, there is no evidence that Cordyceps and Lion's Mane have a direct effect on cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is a hormone related to stress and regulating energy levels. The activation provided by these mushrooms occurs via other mechanisms and has no known influence on cortisol balance.

As always, we recommend consulting with a health professional if you have specific health questions or needs. This way you can determine the most suitable approach for your well-being.


Is it possible to reuse the containers in which the capsules are packaged?

Absolutely, you have the freedom to reuse the containers at home as you wish. It is an environmentally conscious choice to give these a second life.

However, it is important to note that Foodsporen does not take back these containers as part of our usual process. Although you can safely reuse them, it is up to you to decide how to repurpose these containers.

We appreciate your efforts to use packaging more sustainably and always encourage such initiatives.

Do our tinctures contain alcohol?

Yes, our mushroom extracts are subjected to a triple extraction method using alcohol, hot water and ultrasonic frequencies to achieve maximum potency. However, it is important to emphasise that the amount of alcohol you consume is very minimal. This is because our extracts are highly concentrated, requiring only a small amount of liquid.

In addition, we would like to mention that in some of our products, such as our capsules, the water and alcohol are evaporated during the production process. This leaves only a concentrated, alcohol-free powdered extract of the mushroom.

We understand that some individuals may be sensitive to even small amounts of alcohol. If this applies to you, you may want to consider opting for our capsules, where the alcohol content has completely evaporated.

What does triple extraction mean?

Triple extraction involves the process of extracting mushrooms or herbs in three different and equally important ways. This is achieved through a combination of water extraction (decoction) and alcohol extraction (tincture). Depending on the herb, other solvents such as oil, glycerin and vinegar can also be used. Choosing the right solvents is crucial to get the maximum benefits from herbal extraction, as each herb requires specific methods and proportions.

In the case of mushrooms, the beneficial substances are mainly soluble in alcohol (such as triterpenes and similar compounds) and in water (such as 1,3 1,6 beta-glucans). To reap the full range of benefits, both extraction methods are essential. At Foodsporen we combine alcohol and water extractions, supplemented with an ultrasonic sound frequency extraction technology, to create a perfectly balanced and exceptionally powerful product.

In addition, our mushrooms and herbs are extracted according to strict scientific guidelines, using optimal alcohol percentages, temperatures and extraction times. For some products, such as our capsules, we undergo an evaporation process where the water and alcohol are evaporated so that what remains is a concentrated, alcohol-free powdered mushroom extract.

This careful approach allows us to unleash the full potential of the mushrooms and herbs, resulting in high-quality products that are in line with our commitment to quality and effectiveness.

Are there any possible side effects when using functional mushrooms?

In general, functional mushrooms are considered safe for consumption. However, if you have any concerns about using functional mushroom products, we strongly recommend contacting your healthcare provider prior to use.

It is important to note that there may be some situations where caution is required. Common contraindications may apply, for example, if you are taking blood thinners or insulin medications. If you are currently taking medication, have planned surgery, are dealing with other medical conditions, or are pregnant, we urge you to consult your doctor before adding our products to your daily routine.

We attach great importance to your safety and well-being, and your healthcare professional is best equipped to advise you on the most appropriate use of our functional mushroom products in your individual situation.

How often should I take a mushroom supplement?

There is no set rule for how often you should take a mushroom supplement, but in general, many experts recommend maintaining a steady intake daily to maximise the benefits.

As for whether or not you should stop using it for certain periods of time, this depends on several factors, such as your goals, body response, and the specific mushrooms you are using. Some people follow cycles where they take a supplement for a period of time and then take a break, but this is not necessary for everyone.

Mushrooms are natural foods and can be taken long-term without the need for breaks, unless you notice that your body needs a break. It's always good to listen to your own body and notice any changes or reactions when taking a supplement.

However, if you have specific health concerns, are taking medications, are pregnant, or have other medical conditions, it is always wise to consult with a healthcare provider before adjusting your supplement routine. A health expert can give you advice that is tailored to your individual situation.

In short, taking mushroom supplements daily can be beneficial, and breaks are usually not necessary unless you prefer to for specific reasons. Listen to your body and seek professional advice if necessary.

What is the best time of day to consume our supplements?

The most important thing is that you choose a time that fits well into your daily routine. Consistency is more important than the specific time.

Can I combine Foodsporen products?

Yes, it is generally safe to take several mushroom supplements at the same time, but there are some important considerations:

Dosage: Pay attention to the dosage of each supplement. Make sure you follow the recommended dosages for each specific supplement to avoid taking too much.

Objectives: Consider why you want to use multiple supplements. Make sure the combination of supplements fits your health goals and needs.

Cross-reactions: Although rare, some people may experience allergic reactions or sensitivities when combining certain mushrooms. If you have a sensitivity to a specific mushroom, it is important to be careful when using multiple supplements.
Professional Advice: If you plan to combine multiple mushroom supplements and you have specific health problems, are taking medications, or have other concerns, it is advisable to seek professional advice from a health professional before beginning.

Listen to your Body: Everyone responds differently to supplements. As you begin combining multiple supplements, pay close attention to any changes in your health, energy levels, or body responses.

Gradual Introduction: If you are new to using mushroom supplements, it may be a good idea to gradually introduce them into your routine to see how your body responds.

In short, combining different mushroom supplements can be safe, but it is important to be careful, respect the dosages and seek professional advice if necessary.

How are your mushrooms grown?

At Foodsporen we foster close collaboration with leading mushroom growers from partner farms all over the world. Our approach to mushroom growing is steeped in expertise and care to ensure the highest quality.

Our Chaga is harvested wildly with respect for nature. In contrast, our other mushrooms are grown in a specific way on hardwoods, with the exception of cordyceps, which thrives on rice. It is important to note that only the fruiting bodies are harvested, making the final product completely free of grains. With utmost precision and dedication, we ensure that no substrate on which the mushrooms grow is part of the final product. This ensures that our end product is not diluted and does not become contaminated.

The extraction of the beneficial and active substances takes place in our laboratory in the Netherlands.

To underline our promise of quality and purity, we subject all our mushrooms to thorough testing in an independent laboratory. These tests include checking for the presence of heavy metals and pesticide residues. We are pleased to report that all our mushrooms consistently pass these tests with flying colours. We believe in complete transparency and are happy to provide insight into these test results. If you are interested, please send an email to . We are here to fully inform you and share all documentation related to our quality control.

Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality mushrooms in the world at all times. This commitment to quality, ethics and transparency is at the heart of what we do and what drives us. We feel privileged to bring you the fruits of our efforts.

Do your mushrooms undergo testing for heavy metals, mycotoxins and other laboratory tests?

Absolutely! We take our responsibility for quality and safety very seriously. Each batch of our mushrooms undergoes rigorous laboratory testing to ensure they meet the highest standards of purity and potency.

Our commitment to quality control includes testing for several key aspects, including heavy metals, potentially harmful biological contaminants and the concentration of essential functional compounds. This thorough process ensures that our products are not only safe for consumption, but also that they deliver the desired nutrients and benefits our customers seek.

We are pleased to share that our laboratory testing has consistently shown that our mushrooms are among the most potent on the market. These results are a testament not only to our commitment to quality, but also to our continued ambition to offer top quality products that support your well-being.

Our customers deserve nothing less than the best, and we won't settle for less. We remain committed to maintaining your trust in our products and providing you with high-quality, effective and safe mushroom supplements every time.

Are functional mushrooms safe during pregnancy or breastfeeding? And does this also apply to my child?

We understand that questions about pregnancy, breastfeeding and children are particularly important. However, as dedicated purveyors of functional mushrooms, we are not medical professionals and should not provide medical advice. We strongly recommend that you always contact your own healthcare provider for expert advice in these specific situations.


Pregnancy, breastfeeding and children's health are complex matters that require individual considerations and medical knowledge. Your healthcare provider is best equipped to assess your health and that of your child in a safe and appropriate manner.

We respect each person's unique journey and are ready to partner with the health professionals you trust. Our top priority is your well-being and peace of mind, and we encourage you to always seek expert advice if you are unsure about the use of functional mushrooms during pregnancy, breastfeeding or in children.

Are functional mushrooms safe for my pet?

Mushrooms are generally considered safe and are often shared with our animal friends. However, adjust your furry friend's dosage according to your pet's weight! If you would like to use the products to treat diseases or ailments in your pet, always do so in consultation with your veterinarian.

How should I take the supplements?

To take our supplements, you can drip the tinctures under your tongue for optimal absorption into the bloodstream. But any method you are comfortable with will work effectively. Place tinctures on your tongue or add capsules to your daily supplement routine. Tinctures can also be added to your favourite drinks, smoothies, coffee or dishes. Be creative and make sure you enjoy it!

Which functional mushroom suits me best?

Each mushroom has unique benefits that can suit your individual needs. If you're looking for more energy and mental clarity, Lion's Mane could be a good choice. Reishi is known for its powerful properties for supporting your immune system. If you want to improve your overall well-being and fitness, Cordyceps is a great option due to its vitalizing properties.

If you want to combine multiple benefits, our Power5 blend is an excellent choice. This allows you to benefit from the synergy of five different mushrooms: Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, Lion's Mane and Turkey Tail. Choosing the right mushroom depends on your specific goals and needs. Explore the properties of each mushroom and feel free to consult us if you are still unsure. We are ready to help you make an informed choice!

Do the products have an expiration date?

Our products are extremely stable. The tinctures and capsules have a best before date of at least 3 months up to 2 years from the moment you purchase them in our webshop. However, we are confident that you will be so enthusiastic about our products that you will use them up well before the expiration date. For the exact factory expiration date, please refer to the date on the packaging.

After how much time will I notice the effectiveness of the products?

Scientific research shows that significant physiological processes come into effect after two weeks of consistent (twice a day) use. Regularity is therefore more important than the time of intake!

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