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Our mission

Everyone, a little bit healthier, every day

That is what we want to achieve with Foodsporen. We believe in the healing effects of mushrooms from the old traditional practices of our ancestors. Thanks to recent scientific studies, these vitalizing mushrooms have been put into the spotlight once again. Mushrooms are indispensable in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


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Our vision

Modern science and ancient traditions

Our mushroom supplements are indispensable in achieving and maintaining optimal health. We combine the knowledge from the traditional practices of our ancestors with the latest science and technology of today. This allows us to offer you natural, pure and highly beneficial extracts. Foodsporen is an ecologically responsible company that understands the importance of nature for humans, and also the importance of humans for nature.

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Why mushrooms

The power in our mushrooms

Mushrooms have been used and studied for over 5000 years. Scientific research shows that hey contain numerous beneficial substances that support the health of your entire system. Mushrooms are highly adaptogenic, which means that they support your body and your immune system during periods of stress and fatigue. Think of them as you personal bodyguards protecting you and boosting your immune system! 


Pure, healthy and ecologically sound

Foodsporen produces food supplements which contain only the best vitalising mushrooms. Always 100% fruitingbodies will be used and more importantly we will never use mycelium biomass. Our products consist of highly concentrated products that have a postive effect on the physical and mental health of every user. We are an ecologically responsible company that sees the importance of nature for people, and also of people for nature.

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Japanese noodle soup with shii-take, bok choy and Foodsporen Reishi extract

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