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Everyone healthier. 
Drop by drop, day by day. 

Our ancestors deeply respected mushrooms for their regenerative properties and healing intelligence. It's this belief that we, here at Foodsporen, carry into the future. 
Recent scientific studies confirm the numerous health supporting qualities of these mushrooms. 
We aim to make nature's best kept secret available to help you vitalize your body, mind and soul. 

As a producer of 100% organic food supplements, we work purely and solely based on pure fruiting bodies of functional mushrooms. Our products consist of highly concentrated products such as tinctures, powders and capsules. We are an ecologically responsible company that is founded on the principle of nature for people and people for nature. 

Meet Mart

My fascination of mushrooms

The fascination for mushrooms started from my own experience, I was stuck in life, not feeling well and could not concentrate. Despite several visits to a doctor, there was no improvement. Eventually I discovered a mushroom extract, a tincture that did work. Soon I felt better. I was also able to concentrate better and then I started studying herbalism. What would have been unthinkable before, now I was able to study! The extracts gave me more focus and clarity. Book after book was devoured and the passion grew into a business. With Foodsporen I want to introduce as many people as possible to the power of these vitalizing mushrooms.

Mart Stoffele 

superior quality

Triple extracted for the best quality

Our products contain the full spectrum of phytonutrients from the mushrooms. This means that all the substances that are responsible for the healthy effect are present in our products. For this we use a so-called 'triple extract' technique. Because we subject the mushrooms to no fewer than three different, technically advanced extraction methods, we can offer you an extremely pure and high-quality product. In this way Foodsporen follows in the 'food tracks' of our ancestors, because we combine the knowledge of the past with the science and technology of today.

Our products

100% fruiting bodies

As a producer of food supplements, we work only on the basis of 100% fruiting bodies.
Our products consist of highy concentrated tinctures or powdered extracts that have a positive effect on the physical and mental health of each user. 
We are an ecologically responsible company that sees the importance of nature for people, and people for nature.

Take a look at our products!

Foodsporen in business

We at Foodsporen fully stand for our product. We focus on the health and wishes of your customers. It is our motivation to inform and advise our partners in a personal way about our extremely healthy extracts. After all, our goal is to help everyone live a little healthier every day! Do you want to sell Foodsporen products in your webshop or add them to your assortment in your physical store? Schedule an appointment with us, or request a sample package via info@foodsporen.com 

Foodsporen offers the possibility to realize a white label / private label process! Are you interested in offering the quality of Foodsporen under your own brand?! We start processes with a minimum purchase of 10 liters of liquid extract per mushroom/product, or 100,000 capsules per mushroom/product! There are one-off costs associated with starting a white label / private label process. Do you want to know more?  Please do contact us!

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