Mushroom Cacao Heart

Your daily dose of natural power

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The Mushroom Cacao Heart is a beautiful collaboration with Erik and Leonie from Pure Kakaw. The heart is made of 100% pure cocoa with an added functional dose of Foodspoor Lion's Mane, Reishi, Chaga & Cordyceps. These mushrooms have a long history in various cultures for holistic health. They are best known for supporting our immune system and are adaptogenic, which means they bring our body into balance. They also have interesting individual properties, for example Lion's Mane stimulates the synthesis of nerve growth factor (NGF) proteins in our brain.

An extraction is necessary to optimize the bioavailability of the mushrooms. The hearts from the collaboration with Pure Kakaw also use the high-quality triple extraction that you are used to from us: a combination of ultrasonic sound frequency, water and alcohol extraction. This heart becomes extra loving through wonderful collaboration with Erik and Leonie, with whom we share many of the same values and goals. That makes this Mushroom Kakaw Heart extra special. Mush love!

Functional or medicinal mushrooms can play a powerful role in a healthy life. They are not a miracle cure and the invitation is for you to listen to your own unique body to find what best supports you.

Did you know that cocoa is packed with healthy antioxidants and minerals that protect your heart and cardiovascular system?

Size: ±40gr ♡ = 2 portions or 1 large ceremonial dose

How to use:

1. Cut the Kakaw Heart into small pieces to make it easier to dissolve and mix into a heart-warming drink.

2. Mix with hot water or plant-based milk, approximately 125ml per drink. 70°C is warm enough to melt the cocoa and is a nice temperature for drinking.

3. Mix into a frothy drink with bubbles to enhance the delicious aroma. You can use a frother, blender or shaker.


  • Article number 050
  • VAT Including VAT
  • Category Daily dose
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Amount per dose 1,2 gram paddenstoelen extract
  • absorption time 20 minutes

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