Transformational Bundle Capsules

Unlock your full potential! (from €195 to €149)

Price € 149.00

Introducing our Transformational Bundle Capsules- a complete collection of all our products! Enhance your well-being and inner growth with the power of functional mushrooms. Embrace the transformation and unlock your full potential with Foodsporen's Transformation Bundle Capsules!
This collection isn't just about individual evolution; it's an offering that invites you to share the journey of transformation with those you hold close. As you embrace this transformative journey with our curated extracts, remember: your evolution can spark a wave of positive change in those around you.


  • Article number 091
  • VAT Including VAT
  • Category Capsules
  • Suitable for Volwassenen
  • Amount per dose 400 mg
  • absorption time 10 minutes

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