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Extracts based on vitalising mushrooms

Cordyceps capsules

Daily dose of natural endurance

The Cordyceps militaris mushroom has a long history of use in Tibetan and Chinese medicine...

Reishi capsules

Daily dose of natural longevity

Reishi, also known as "the mushroom of immortality," was first used by Chinese physicians&...

Turkey Tail capsules

Daily dose of natural vitality

 The powerful extract in the Foodsporen® capsules is a strong concentrate of the fruit...

Power 5 capsules

Daily dose of natural power

 The Power 5 capsules from Foodsporen is a blend specially formulated by us, for you,...

Chaga capsules

Your daily dose of natural immunity

The use of Chaga has a rich history. This mushroom has acquired a fitting name during its thousands ...

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